What We Do

Green waste recycling is all we deal with!

We offer a comprehensive green waste management system for all industries and it’s simple enough for our clients to maintain their focus on their core business.
Our service is designed to collect, recycle and turn green waste material in high quality organic products.

Green Waste Collection

Our collection Centre is used as a disposal depot to collect green waste and is open to anyone both businesses and householders.
Alternatively, we collect large stockpiles of green waste material by providing bins in two different sizes (15 and 25 cubic meters).

Find out more about our collection services, including pricing here.

Green Waste Recycling

Once green waste is collected at our Collection Centre, the organic matter begins its 10 – 12 week process where 100 percent of the material is recycled and converted into compost, organic soil conditioner and mulch products.

Green Waste Recycled Soil Products

Following is our list of organic green waste products.

Soil conditioner compost (25mm minus)

Soil conditioner superfine compost (14mm minus)

Eucalyptus mulch

Eucalyptus superfine mulch

Forest blend


Find out more about our recycled products, including pricing here.